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Customer Reviews

Great experience with Glacier Outfitters! My wife and I rented a canoe and spent an afternoon on the lake. Great shop, very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend and will return again.

Google Review

( Matt Archambault )

Really helpful from the first phone call to reserve a kayak right through the end of our little rental. Can't beat it.

Yelp Review

( Melanie L. - Washington, D.C. )

Nice place at Apgar Village to rent stuff. We got firewood and rented bear spray from there. Still need to receive the $45 deposit It should be coming in a day or two. The folks there were good and taught us everything we needed to know about bear encounters. Their firewood burnt like paper, it was so easy to start a fire that night. Highly recommended place.

“Bear spray rental for 5 bucks!!” -Tripadvisor

( Shreyk21 )

We took out four single-person kayaks in the morning (with dogs on two of the kayaks). Planned to also go in evening but it was raining. What a spectacular place to kayak! The views are marvelous, and the water is broad enough that you feel all alone in the world. Take the time to do this. You won't regret it!

“Kayaking on Lake McDonald…don’t miss it!” -Tripadvisor

( JesterDC - Calgary, Canada )

We rented our Bear Spray here. The staff was friendly and helpful. Hopefully next time we will have more time and will be able to rent a kayak next time.

“Friendly Staff” -Tripadvisor

( Z-Valdez - Conyers, Georgia )