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For bike reservations please call in advance so we can set you up with the best bike for your height


INFO 2HR 4HR Per Day +HR
CRUISER BIKE $12 $22 $30 $6


INFO 2HR 4HR Per Day +HR
HYBRID BIKE $18 $32 $37 $9


INFO 2HR 4HR Per Day +HR
MOUNTAIN BIKE $18 $32 $37 $9


INFO 2HR 4HR Per Day +HR
TANDEM BIKE $22 $32 $45  $12


INFO 2HR 4HR Per Day +HR
KIDS BIKE   $16 $26 $36  $8


INFO 2HR 4HR Per Day +HR
CHILD TRAILER $10 $20 $30  $5


INFO 2HR 4HR Per Day +HR
CAR BIKE RACK N/A $10 $14  $4


(Going to the Sun Road bike rentals are over for the 2017 season. You can still rent them for the West Glacier Area. Please contact us with any questions. GTTSR bike rentals will be back spring 2018 when the road is once again closed to cars.) 

 Don’t see a rental plan that fits your adventure?

Call us, we can help!


Bike map for West Glacier - Apgar Village - Glacier National Park


One of the best kept secrets is the spring season when the Going-to-the-Sun Road is closed to cars, but open to bikers and walkers, providing a quieter glimpse into the heart of Glacier National Park.

Visit the Road Status page on Glacier National Park’s Website for updates on biking and hiking access.

Gear up to ride as far as the plows allow, or bring the entire family for a leisurely ride and picnic along McDonald Creek as it cascades down toward Lake McDonald.


A hundred years ago, President Taft signed the bill establishing Glacier as the country’s 10th national park. Today, you can partake in a favorite spring ritual, biking on the historic Sun Road after plows have pushed the deep, lingering snow off the storied pavement, and automobiles are blocked from passage by a simple, brown, metal gate and a sign at Lake McDonald Lodge: “Road Open for Hiking and Biking.”

Check the park’s web site at for current road information.


Gateway to  Glacier Trail
We are super excited here at Glacier Outfitters for the new trail project to start this fall!

Check out the project in more detail here

gateway to glacier trail


Glacier Outfitters Closing Day – We are by phone rervatioms until the 30th.

Happy Trails!September 30th, 2017
Thank you everyone for such an amazing and interesting summer. See you next year!!

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