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We offer 2 online reservation times 9:30 am Reservation - Starts at 9:30 am - Minimum 2 hours, Maximum 6 hours 24 hour rental - Starts at the time of pickup and ends the same time the next day All other rental times are first come first serve

We offer a 2 day minimum rental (single day use is charged as a 2 day rental). Reservation starts the first day at opening, and is due back by closing the last day of your rental period.

Bike rentals are on a per day basis. From opening to closing.

How do I make a reservation?

There are 3 easy ways to make a reservation with Glacier Outfitters

    1. Online Below – where our state-of-the-art reservation system is both easy to use and secure.
    2. Call directly and let one of our professional staff walk you through the process. 8 am to 6 pm MST
    3. Email – you can call or email us and we can confirm your booking or send you a quote