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Road Riding in Glacier National Park, Montana – Men’s Journal

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Road Riding in Glacier National Park

By  Jayme Moye

Credit: Heath Korvola / Aurora / Getty Images

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Going-to-the-Sun Road, the highest in Glacier National Park, ascends like a one-way route to the sky, gaining a grueling 3,400 vertical feet amid some of the most pristine glacier-carved valleys in the West. And with hairpin turns and 180-degree switchbacks, it’s a road rider’s paradise. a steady stream of cars, RVs, and buses make the road too dangerous to ride. But for four to six weeks in late May and June, the cyclists get it to themselves. “The road is closed in the winter,” says local rider Pete Thomas. “Come spring, it takes the park service six to eight weeks to plow it out. We wait for that all year.” Last spring I was in Whitefish, Montana, on the west side of the park, when that window opened: The road was clear almost to Logan Pass, the summit at mile 32. We set off early the next morning.The trail follows the churning McDonald Creek through the evergreen valley, climbing gradually at first against a panoramic backdrop of giant peaks and dramatic waterfalls. The road gets increasingly treacherous, and we dodged piles of gravel, mud, and branches left by winter avalanches. After about three hours, both sides of the road were penned in by progressively taller walls of snow and then became impassable. We had reached the top.We pulled on arm warmers and windbreakers and switched directions, flying down the middle of the road at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Banking around a bend, I saw that my friends had stopped, and I grabbed the breaks hard. Two grizzly bear cubs were lumbering behind their mother in the valley below. We were down in less than an hour, planning another ride for the next day, before the magical window closed.

Source: Road Riding in Glacier National Park, Montana – Men’s Journal

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Glacier National Park Builds Sister Park Relationship with Mongolian Park – Glacier National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

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Glacier National Park Builds Sister Park Relationship with Mongolian Park. –A delegation from Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and the Mongolian Department of Protected Areas Management visited Glacier National Park for five days this October. The visit included the signing of a Sister Park Arrangement between Glacier National Park and Gorkhi-Terelj National Park on October 24.The Mongolian delegation included two members of the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism, including the Director, and four staff. Glacier National Park volunteers and past employees Fred and Lynne VanHorn provided primary logistical support for the delegation.Glacier National Park has had a sister park agreement with the Khan Khentii Protected Area in Mongolia—just north of Gorkhi-Terelj—since 2004. Khan Khentii Protected area was divided into two parts in 2013, one of which is Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is located in Northeast Mongolia, 37 Km from Ulaanbaatar, the nation’s capital.The purpose of the sister park relationship is to promote international cooperation for the mutual benefit of the parks, provide a forum for collaboration about shared challenges, enrich the experience and training of park personnel through international exchanges and to share the cultural and social values of both countries.Mongolia and Montana are located at the same latitude and have similar landforms, ecosystems, and wildlife. These similarities provide a unique platform for international cooperation and information sharing.The relationship with Gorkhi-Terelj will allow both parks to exchange expertise and to collaborate on a variety of projects, including education and youth programs, GIS mapping and trails development, threatened species protection, and the development of adaptive strategies in response to climate change.During the visit, the Mongolian delegation toured the park and met with park staff and the park’s non-profit partners. They also worked with park staff to assemble a ger, which is a type of yurt that the Mongolian Ministry of Environment gifted to Glacier National Park several years ago. The Glacier National Park Conservancy supported the visit, covering local expenses associated with their visit to the area.For additional park information, visit the park’s websitehttp://www.nps.gov/glac/index.htmor call park headquarters at 406-888-7800.

This is a few photo’s of a yurt given to Glacier National Park by Gorkhi-Terelj National Park quite a few years ago. Photo’s courtesy of Fred Thompson.

This was a gift back to Glacier from Mongolia

This was a gift to Glacier from Mongolia



Source: Glacier National Park Builds Sister Park Relationship with Mongolian Park – Glacier National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

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New Tower Inflatable Paddleboards (SUP)

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We are excited here at Glacier Outfitters to try out our new inflatable Tower paddleboards. They are a great ride for either lake or river. They will be for rent in 2015 by the hour or day.

Lake McDonal Tandem Kayak and inflatable paddleboard Rental - Glacier Outfitters (2 of 2)

Stop in or contact us for reservations or more information.
This is what Tower has to say:

Shipping, storing, and personally transporting traditional 10′-12′ stand up paddle boards can be challenging. Inflatable SUP boards, on the other hand, deflate and inflate on demand and can be rolled up into a small bag that you can put in an overhead compartment on a plane. Suddenly, stand up paddle boarding becomes mobile and your board becomes easily storable. These arent your typically inflatable water toys theyre military grade, highly pressurized, and distinctly shaped rubber stand up paddle boards that are unbelievably rigid and can ride waves bigger than most stand up paddle surfers would even think twice about. Store one on your boat. Bring one with you on your tropical vacation. Haul one up to your favorite hidden mountain lake. Inflatable SUP boards are extending the reach of stand up paddle boarding to every corner of the globe.


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Glacier Park Plows Within Two Miles of Logan Pass – Flathead Beacon

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Plow crews on Glacier National Park’s Going-to-the-Sun Road are within sight of Logan Pass.Park officials said the plows are making rapid progress clearing the 50-mile road that slices through the park. If everything goes according to plan, visitors will be able to access Logan Pass from the west side much earlier than last year, when the road opened on July 2.On April 24, the west side plow crew was working just below the Triple Arches, about two miles from the continental divide. The east side crew had reached Siyeh Bend, about three miles away from Logan Pass.However, park spokesperson Denise Germann said there are still some big obstacles in the way, including a series of snow slides on the western slope below Logan Pass and a massive, wind blown drift just east of the pass that in years past has been 70-feet deep.Germann said weather would determine how soon the west side of the road opens. Due to ongoing roadwork on the east side of the road, the earliest visitors will be able to access the St. Mary to Logan Pass section of road will be June 19.While the road past the Lake McDonald Lodge is still closed to vehicles, hikers and bikers are able to use it on weekends and evenings up to Packer’s Roost, about 12 miles past the lodge. For the latest on plowing and the road status, visit www.nps.gov/glac.

Source: Glacier Park Plows Within Two Miles of Logan Pass – Flathead Beacon

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Gearing Up for 2015

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We are getting ready for another great year here at Glacier Outfitters. There are more exciting things happening for 2015. We plan on having a new structure, more signs, online booking, new gear, self guided tours. These are just a few of the exciting new services in the planning. If your planning on visiting Glacier National Park this summer drop by and see us. Lake McDonald won’t disappoint!