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We are proud to offer UDAP bear spray rentals and sales!

YES, you can rent bear spray in Glacier National Park! With all of our rentals, we make sure you leave feeling comfortable with how it works and how to use it – just in case you need to. When renting bear spray, give yourself about ten minutes to complete the process, and/or be sure to watch either our training video online or the one provided in your confirmation email. We provide two 24-hour drop box locations within the Park and one in the Glacier Park International Airport.

Reserve your bear spray

  • Online using our easy to use booking system. To book online you must book 48+ hours in advance for our Apgar location or 24+ hours in advance for our airport location.
  • Text, call, or email to have our reservations staff book your gear or get you a quote. Next day reservations end at 5pm local Mountain Time (MT).
  • We have rental pick-up locations at our Apgar Village location and Glacier Airport Locations. Our drop-off locations are at our Apgar Village location, Glacier Airport, Huckleberry Hut in West Glacier (130 Going-to-the-Sun Rd, West Glacier, MT 59936) and East Glacier (Looking Glass Base Camp, 1112 HWY 49 East Glacier, MT 59434).

Know Before You Go!

If the canister is returned unused and undamaged, you will be charged your agreed upon rental price. If your rental canister is sprayed and/or damaged, you will be charged the full retail price of $49.99

Yes. We highly suggest that visitors carry bear spray in the park as Glacier is home to the largest numbers of both grizzly and black bear in the lower 48. Sightings happen every day in the park and bear spray has been shown to be the most effective deterrent in addition to being an inexpensive way to prevent bear attacks.

We purchase new canisters of bear spray every year and keep strict records of the weight of each can. If the canister is not completely full or in good condition, it is taken out of our fleet.

Give yourself about 5 minutes if you watch this video to expedite your bear spray rental. Be ready to answer a couple questions from the video. Give yourself about 10 minutes if you want to take care of everything at the time of rental.

Yes! We have a drop off location in East Glacier at Looking Glass Base Camp. The address is 1112 HWY 49 East Glacier, MT 59434.

You can access the drop box in West Glacier (Huckleberry Hut, 130 Going-to-the-Sun Rd, West Glacier, MT 59936) outside of the park.

Bear Spray Safety Resources

Need a map? We Recommend Hike 734.

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