Going to the Sun Road is now open to vehicles, but don't worry there are plenty of opportunities to bike in West Glacier. Check out our West Glacier Biking page! If you still want to ride GTTSR, be sure to check out the "Know Before You Go" section for more information about the risks and the GNP biking page for info on road restrictions for biking.

Going to the Sun Road Bike Rentals - Glacier Outfitters

Start your GTTSR Adventure!

Glacier Outfitters rents high-quality Electric bike, hybrid and road bikes with disc brakes for your Going to the Sun biking adventure. This reservation is a full-day rental only. Full-day bike rentals are available from the time that our shop opens and expected back by close of business the same day. We also have a bike shuttle, car bike racks and hitch racks to transport your bike!

Reserve your bike for GTTSR today

  • Online using our easy to use booking system. To book online you must book 48 hours or more in advance.
  • Text, call, or email to have our reservations staff book your gear or get you a quote. Next day reservations end at 5pm local time.
  • All GTTSR bike reservations start at 7am and are for the entire day. 

Know Before You Go!

Be prepared. Early-season biking the GTTS Road is considered is going into the backcountry. Be prepared for anything, including rocks, ice, snow, flooding, avalanches, bears, and hyperthermia. Weather can change rapidly in the mountains, and it’s common to start the day with a few layers, and as you gain and decline in elevation layers on or off. It’s smart to bring synthetics (avoid cotton!), rain jacket and pants, as well as plenty of food/snacks and water. For the ride down, pack a warm fleece or puffy layer, gloves, and a hat. With a little moisture, traveling high-speeds downhill can prompt hypothermia if not properly prepared for ever-changing conditions.

See our handy guide for choosing your bike!

We recommend starting at Avalanche Trailhead - from here to Logan Pass is 33 miles, round trip. From Apgar Village to Logan Pass is approx. 60 miles, round trip. Click here for mileage breakdown.

Bikes (with the exception of Electric Bikes) may be picked up the evening before your rental begins by request. Please text our reservations desk to set this up. We cannot guarantee that bikes will be ready for pick-up prior to your reservation start time.
If you do not need to make special arrangements for an early pick-up, bike rentals start at 7 AM. During early season, all bike rentals will be full day rentals. Peak season (usually after July 4th) bikes may be available for half day rentals.

During the 2021 season, no shuttle services are available for bikers. Also Glacier Outfitters will be offering a Bike Shuttle for the 2021 season. Please contact us for more information.

If shuttles are not running or you prefer not to take the shuttle, you can rent a bike rack and transport bikes on your personal vehicle to Avalanche. Bike racks hold up to three standard bikes or two ebikes, and can attach to most vehicles. If you have a hitch, we have a bike rack that can carry up to five bikes, or four ebikes.

Please be aware that we request that bikes not be transported inside the cab of your vehicle and that they be transported upright if you are using a truck bed. Absolutely no wheel removal, even if you really feel like you know what you are doing. Our bike mechanic will yell at us if he sees any more bikes that had a wheel taken off for transportation.

Also be aware that parking at Avalanche is very limited and often fills up prior to 8 AM.

While we don’t recommend biking Going to the Sun Road directly from our shop, it is technically possible. Plan on an additional 30 miles round trip, in addition to the 33 miles from Avalanche to Logan Pass and back.

If you don’t have transportation to Avalanche Trailhead, biking Camas Road is a great alternative. See our handy guide for a great hike & bike experience on Camas Road.

No. We do not allow any attachments on our electric bikes for the safety of our customers.

Times to ride from Avalanche Trailhead to Logan Pass vary greatly depending on the rider and the conditions. Plan on 6 - 8 hours, but always be prepared with more water, food, and warm clothes than you think you will need. Also be prepared that it may not be possible to reach the top if conditions limit how far up the road you can travel. These conditions may include avalanche danger, snow, cold, plowing operations, or animals in the road.

Spring conditions are very hard to keep ahead of. The best things to do are watch the Glacier National Park Twitter page and monitor the Glacier National Park official website. The most up to date information is generally available here. Glacier Outfitters also does their best to keep up to date, so feel free to shoot us a text with any questions about how far up the road you may be able to access. There are also several Facebook groups dedicated to Glacier information - make sure to verify what you read on these pages, however, as information is often inaccurate.

One thing that is relatively predictable each spring is that plowing operations will limit how far up the road you can bike. If your goal is to get to Logan Pass, plan to bike on a weekend.

Yes. Be aware that you will be biking in heavy traffic with steep drop offs, regardless of the time of day you choose to go. We do not recommend biking with children once the road is open. Additionally, please be aware of limits to the time you can be on the road on a bike during peak season. More information is available on the Glacier National Park website.

See our handy guide below to bikeable routes in the park for more information!

Reservations are not cancelled for fog, rain or a chilly day. We will cancel if the conditions are not suitable for paddling or biking (lightning, strong winds or extreme weather). Cancellations made at least 3 days prior to the trip will receive a full refund. Cancelling with a 24 hours notice or more will be able to transfer payment to a future trip or program. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will receive no refund. No shows will also forfeit the entire reservation fee. If we cancel due to emergency, extreme weather, or if the rental item is down for repairs you may reschedule or receive a full refund. In the event Glacier Outfitters has to cancel the reservation, we will make every attempt to contact you in a timely fashion.

Not sure what bike to get? Check out our guide. (Click to Enlarge)

Need a map? We Recommend Hike 734.

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Hike 734 map

We highly recommend renting bear spray for your adventure.

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