Glacier National Park will require reservations to enter the park from multiple entrances in 2024.

  • Your bike, kayak, bear spray, or other rentals with Glacier Outfitters WILL NOT serve as a Vehicle Reservation for Going-to-the-Sun Road.
  • For more detailed info please visit the GNP Vehicle Reservation Page

  • Biking After GTTSR Opens to Cars - Glacier Outfitters

    Bike Rentals after Going to the Sun Road Opens to Cars

    Once Going to the Sun Road opens to cars--typically in late June or early July--we no longer recommend biking on the Road as there is no shoulder or bike lane, making biking with cars on a narrow mountain road, quite difficult. Instead, we recommend biking the Apgar Bike Loop, Camas Rd or the Gateway to Glacier Trail. We call this "late season" biking and we rent our bikes for 2 hours (hybrid only), 4 hours or all day during this part of the season. Typically reservations are not needed for late season biking and you can easily stop by and rent bikes in person.

    Bike reservations for late season biking will be available for booking after Going to the Sun Road is opened to cars. Please check back then or text us at 406-219-7466.

    We will accept bookings for these rentals after Going To The Sun Road opens to cars. Text us for more information

    Reserve 2 or 4 Hour Rentals AFTER GTTSR Opens to Cars

    • Text us at 406-219-7466 to reserve your 2 or 4hr bike rentals today
    • Text, call, or email to have our reservations staff book your gear or get you a quote. Next day reservations end at 5pm local time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    14 Miles RT. Take a beautiful ride and stop for lunch at our local distillery in Coram, MT. On the way home, stop at Halfmoon Lake for a swim (right off the bike path, easy to miss dirt road). Then enjoy the view of Southern Glacier Park on the way back into West Glacier. Bike to Belton Bridge, by going through West Glacier and taking a right at "Old Bridge Road". Bike over the bridge and put your bikes off to the side and go down to the river and enjoy the beauty! Take the gravel path back and go straight. The road will turn into the bike path to Apgar Village and will end in Apgar Village. Drop off your bike and walk down to the shoreline, for one last view or swim in Lake McDonald.

    24 Miles RT. Ride from our shop on Camas road, which is a wide road with a nice shoulder. Enjoy beautiful mountain views and wildflowers. It is a previous burn area, so start early in the morning to avoid the summer afternoon heat. Stop at McGee Meadow to learn what a Fen is. At 12 Miles, you will hit the Northfork River and Northfork Road. Lock up your bike and hike up Demer's Ridge (7.2 miles) for beautiful views of Glacier's Livingston Range and the Northfork River. You don't need to hike very far to get these views! Want to learn more about Glacier on your ride? Add a 1 mile hike with the Forest and Fire Nature Trail, which can be found right after the Camas Road Entrance on the south side of the road.

    A great family friendly bike path. About a 7 mile loop, paved and little to no traffic, aside from one or two bike crossings. Bike through Apgar Village and along McDonald Creek. Stop at Oxbow Bend to look for beavers, bike to the original bridge into the park-Belton Bridge-which is now a bike and pedestrian bridge. This ride also connects to the Gateway to Glacier Trail and West Glacier, so you can add in a stop in West Glacier for ice cream or a round of mini-golf. You could also bike out to the Gateway to Glacier Trail to bike to zip-line, grab cocktails at Glacier Distilling or other mini-golf spots.

    See our handy guide for choosing your bike--but typically if you are just doing the Apgar Bike Loop a hybrid bike is more than sufficient. If biking Camas Rd, an E-bike may be nice to have for the first few miles that are uphill.

    Hybrid bikes may be picked up the evening before your rental begins by request. Please text our reservations desk to set this up. We cannot guarantee that bikes will be ready for pick-up prior to your reservation start time.
    If you do not need to make special arrangements for an early pick-up, late season bike rentals start at 8 AM.

    No. We do not allow any attachments on our electric bikes for the safety of our customers.

    Technically, yes. Be aware that you will be biking in heavy traffic with steep drop offs, regardless of the time of day you choose to go. GTTSR is very narrow and has no bike lanes or shoulders. You will be biking in the road, with cars at all times. We generally do not recommend biking the road once it is open to cars unless you are an avid cyclist and used to biking in the road with cars. Additionally, please be aware of limits to when you can be on the road on a bike during peak season. More information is available on the Glacier National Park website.

    See our handy guide to bikeable routes in the park for more information!

    Reservations are not canceled for fog, rain, or a chilly day. We will cancel if the conditions are unsuitable for paddling or biking (lightning, strong winds or extreme weather). Cancellations made at least 3 days prior to the trip will receive a full refund. Canceling with 24 hours notice or more will be able to transfer payment to a future trip or program. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours' notice will receive no refund. No-shows will also forfeit the entire reservation fee. If we cancel due to an emergency, extreme weather, or if the rental item is down for repairs you may reschedule or receive a full refund. If Glacier Outfitters has to cancel the reservation, we will make every attempt to contact you in a timely fashion.

    Tipping is greatly appreciated! Our crew works so hard to make sure your gear is in its best condition before you arrive and we work extra hard to make sure you feel confident about our gear and the park before we send you out on your adventure. While we may not be guiding you all day, we do believe that the service we provide is just as quality and worthy of tipping. We accept credit card and cash tips. No cash? Ask your GO Team Member to add on a credit card tip when you return your gear. Thank you in advance!

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    We highly recommend renting bear spray for your adventure.

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